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Coach J is dedicated to assisting you in attaining your fitness and nutrition objectives by offering various services. Whether you need tailor-made training programs, personalized meal plans, or workouts on the go in her App, our community welcomes you!


 Elevation Fitness has everything you need. 

Are You Ready To Elevate

- Personalized fitness assessments to tailor workouts to your unique needs and goals

- Nutritional guidance and meal plans to support your fitness routine

- Flexible scheduling to accommodate your busy lifestyle

- Regular progress tracking and adjustments to keep you on track

- Comprehensive approach to overall wellness, including stress management and lifestyle advice


- Comprehensive nutritional assessments to identify current eating habits and nutritional gaps

-Personalized meal plans tailored to your goals, preferences, and dietary needs


- Detailed macronutrient breakdowns for fat loss, muscle gain, or overall health improvement

-Regular check-ins to monitor progress and adjust meal plans and macros as needed


- Educational resources on macronutrients, reading food labels, and making healthier food choices


- Delicious and easy-to-follow recipes that fit within your meal plan and macro goals


- Continuous support to help you stay motivated, overcome challenges, and achieve lasting results


- Personalized Training Programs

- Video Demonstrations: Step-by-step video tutorials

- Nutrition Coaching: Customized meal plans and macronutrient guidance

- Progress Tracking

- Regular Check-ins

- Supportive Community

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