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Make your grocery shopping match your goals!

  1. Plan ahead

  2. Be realistic

  3. Organize your list

  4. Try Perimeter shopping

  5. Stick to the plan

Grocery shopping can be a difficult task, definitely, If you attend on an empty stomach.

**Don't do that, I repeat; Don't do it**

There are so many tempting, unhealthy foods that seem to lurk in every aisle, threatening to offset our health goals.

LUCKY LUCKY, I created a weekly meal plan template and a simple grocery list. I find this method to be a handy tool that can help me navigate the store with ease.

I've become a meal prep pro by refusing to leave the house unless I've made a grocery list.

and trust me, it has to be a well-thought-out grocery list, which helps me stay on track

The goal is to minimizing impulse buying, set myself up for success, and keep nutritious food on hand to eat all week.

Elevate your nurtition by joining our tribe, for exlusive recipes, ideas, and tips.

Always in your corner,

Coach J

Weekly Meal Plan
Download PDF • 1.52MB

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